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This tool is not official product of World Golf Tour Inc., ONNET USA Inc., more dots media UG or any other company providing online virtual golf games. It is independent standalone 3rd party product developed to help players of different online golf games to achieve better game play experience. It is used mostly (but not only) to play World Golf Tour, that's the reason, why the World Golf Tour is mentioned so many times on this site.

Configuring WGT Caddy



(it will be released soon, stay tuned)





Yes, absolutely!!! I had some intense communication with the World Golf tour Inc. about legality of this tool, which ended with some changes on my side and common agreement confirming the legality of this tool and the statement from the WGT's side, that they will not take any further steps against me or this tool. You can read the final letter from the law office representing World Golf Tour Inc. here: PDF.

So yes, VGG Caddy is 100% legal tool!!!


Welcome to the home of the VGG Caddy, the unofficial tool for many online virtual golf games, like World Golf Tour, Shot Online, OGC Open and others . So what is this VGG Caddy about?

New version 5.1 released!!!

  • Precise meter scale for your every shot type and club selection, plus much more!!!
  • It fully replaces WGT's official Putter Pal and Shot Pal, both of them for FREE!!!
  • It can be used and configured to use with any virtual golf game using some kind of horizontal meter scale to set the shot power.
  • There are two versions of VGG Caddy, free fully working LITE version and much more advanced PRO version, see the table bellow for features comparsion.

Here are some examples of the VGG Caddy in action, as demonstrated on the World Golf Tour game:

116 yards FULL shot

Putting on TOURNAMENT GREEN (only in PRO version)

13 yards CHIP shot

 And here is the version comparsion table of the VGG Caddy LITE (free) and VGG Caddy PRO (donate).

VGG Caddy version comparsion
Registation information on application startup and exit. no yes
WGT Putter Pal like scale in putting mode. yes yes
WGT Putter Pal like scale in shot mode. yes no
WGT Shot Pal like or any other game like scale (by setting 100y scale). yes yes
Diferent scales for different GREEN SPEEDS in the the putting mode! yes no
Configuration window for easy modifying of clubsets, greenspeeds and other settings. yes no
Hot keys for faster game play (for example shot type selection). yes no
Showing/hidding of unused buttons. yes no
Manual hidding/showing of the scale. yes no
Automatic hiding of the scale after defined time interval. yes no
Many other extra features. yes no
WGT Notepad like for storing your comments for ideas. yes no
Custom "ding" marker yes no
Email support from the author. yes no
See the documentation for detailed description of all features.[download]





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You have to DONATE to login and download the PRO version.



Version 5.1 released, see the change log for details.


Added the screenshot gallery.


Version 5.0 released,
WGT Caddy renamed to VGG Caddy, added new features, see the change log for details.


Version 4.1 released, see the change log for details.

Released completely new redesigned version 4.0 with many new features, see the change log for details.

Version 3.3 released, see the change log for details.


Site moved from to

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